About Us

Black Ice is one of London’s most exclusive and bespoke VIP services, born in 2007 by Ice Entertainments, London’s leading supplier of niche entertainment products within the nightlife industry.

Our years of experience and superior connections as well as our vast portfolio of contacts and affiliations has, meant that we can readily arrange for group entry or more bespoke VIP tables, allowing you to effortlessly blend with the elite, wealthy and famous.

No matter how large or small the occasion, we always maintain our boutique nature and personal touch to provide a supreme quality of service to our clients, making sure every request is fulfilled to the highest possible standard.

Visitors to London are often led to believe that a traditional concierge service can provide the services we offer – this is a myth and will see you in the same tedious and lengthy queue as hundreds of other people.

With Black Ice, you will never have to wait; it’s as simple as that! Party like a celebrity and get red carpet treatment with an unrivalled service that ensures every night out is one to remember.

Our mission is to make sure you have a great time and our extensive network of contacts in the business means we are connected, respected and successful. We have established an excellent relationship with some of the most popular nightlife destinations in London and it’s of paramount importance that we provide an exceptional service for all our clients, not just the privileged.