47 Reviews Add Your Review. Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum 70cl, a highly crafted Solera method, aged rum . More info C$79.17 (50.75) About the whisky. Caracas.-La competencia The Spirits Business Rum & Cachaa Masters, con fuerte influencia en Europa y Reino Unido, anunci recientemente los ganadores de su edicin 2023, entre ellos y con medalla de oro: Santa Teresa 1796, en la categora Sper Premium.. La edicin de 2023 estuvo entre las ms competidas con 176 postulaciones de 61 marcas de alrededor del mundo. Users have rated this product 4 out of 5 stars. A careful blend of Santa Teresas finest aged spirits ranging from 4 to 35 years. The purpose of this labor-intensive process is the maintenance of a reliable style, consistency and quality of the Santa Teresa 1796. *Same-day delivery and shipping prices may vary. Handed down from maestro to maestro, the solera method ensures every Bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 has some of the very first 1796 cask running . 4. The rum is produced on a multi column still - Santa Teresa do have a Pot Still and it has been said that there is some Pot Stil rum, in this blend and the Bi-Centenario rum they released a few years back. Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum. Santa Teresa 1796 Barbancourt - Reserve Du Domaine (others I don't like) Bourbon drinkers will like it. This would give a reading of 8g/L which is slightly lower than Bacardis stated 0.5 g/L per 1.5 oz serving. Once a preferred fulfillment method is selected, fee information will be made available at checkout. A unique taste of nuts, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, prunes, hints of honey and hints of pepper. Many commentators do not like the use of the term Solera in rum production. Present throughout is some dark chocolate and just enough woody oak to add an extra layer of complexity. Tasting notes: Deep copper. 4.79 ex VAT (19.17 per 10cl) $49.99. More by Santa Teresa . Santa Teresa 1796 Is The Only Aged Rum That Is Produced In Its Entirety With The Long-Standing Solera Method, An Artisanal Process Using Oak Barrels That Had Been Traditionally Reserved For Spanish Sherry and Brandy. 5.75. SAZERAC. She uses three different rums, each contributing something different to the drink: the Venezuelan Santa Teresa 1796 gives a rich sweetness while the Smith & Cross Jamaican rum ups the proof and brings some funk and the Plantation Xaymaca adds a desired dryness. Garnish with grated coffee beans and a biscotti cookie on the side. 1224 views | AIN'T GONNA STOP - The rum is produced in the often criticised solera method. In this video, I'm taking a look at Santa Teresa 1796 Rum and giving it a thorough review. The artisanal Solera Method and the exceptionally crafted process make it an authentic, dry, smooth and balanced rum evolving in every sip. white rum (such as Bacardi Superior), oz. Enter your delivery address to check prices and availability near you. Bottle (750ml) Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum . The 1796 was first released in 1996 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the estate's founding. simple syrup, and oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur. The rum is aged in both Ex-Bourbon and French Limousin Oak which will likely have been used to age wine or cognac. $39 97 $39.97. This episode is best enjoyed with a glass of 1796! In stock. This product is only available for delivery in the following states: Celebrate Women-Owned Brands | Enjoy 10% off with code WHM10, McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic California Red Blend, Rebel Cask Strength Bourbon Single Barrel Select S1B23. The time now is 10:03 AM. lime juice, oz. The two-hour guarantee only applies to purchases made where all products are available for on-demand fulfillment and does not apply to orders including shipping-only products or for addresses where delivery is not available. Santa Teresa 1796 has a firm body and is delicate and elegant rum, which reminds the essence of the oak in which it was aged. According to the company . Rhum. REGION: Venezuela. Please select a store for online shopping. Add to Cart. This Venezuelan rum is produced from sugarcane molasses that were fermented and carefully distilled. Search. A re-test sees the hydrometer bobbing at 38% ABV. Rum production . Santa Teresa 1796; Ccteles; Herencia; Proyecto Alcatraz; Comprar; Disfruta de Santa Teresa Responsablemente Para informacin en Responsabilidad con el Alcohol visita disfruta-de-un-consumo-responsable.com . $16.99. I love mixing a rum based drink or a split-base drink with rum for someone who swears they don't like rum drinks and then having them be pleasantly surprised. This is a product of Hacienda Santa Teresa, an 8,000 acre estate in the northern part of Venezuela. Most (though not all) the sugar cane is harvested on the Santa Teresa Estate. Santa Teresa 1796 is highly crafted by extraordinary people. A rich and refined solera rum with an unexpectedly dry finish . Rating: 98 % of 100. The truth is that rum has always had craftsmanship and provenance that equaled other aged, old-world spirits like Single Malt Whisky or Cognac people just werent aware of it.A new generation of drinkers are searching for super-premium experiences, eager to explore innovative and luxury spirits in categories they arent as familiar with. More Alternatives double tap to zoom. Santa Teresa 1796 Bottling Note. Santa Teresa is a Venezuelan, family-owned rum distillery built on over 200 years of tradition, refining and improving the techniques of rum making. A premium quality rum from Santa Teresa in Venezuela. oz. add to cart. . Dense richness, great length and a touch of spice on the finish. Spirits are not eligible for shipping to California. Critics have scored this product 93 points. Tonic Water. Santa Teresa 1796 is a Venezuelan rum with a unique and complex production process that employs a traditional Spanish solera for a RICH, REFINED and UNEXPECTEDLY DRY taste that evolves in every sip. I like to mix with some aged rums to balance out their edge although some of you would consider th Santa Teresa 1796 . Rum 25-29 Years Old. When first I saw it, the dignified wine-like bottle hidden beneath a rugged cardboard tube, complete with ribbon and wax seal, I expected I was in for a treat. Fruity aroma with notes of wood product of long aging in oak barrels. Menu. I'll taste and discuss the rum's characteristics, and give you my . Santa Teresa Rum 1796. It portrays its premium via a light blue tube with a closure strap, containing a bespoke . Taste: tobacco and leather notes, toasted and smoky. Santa Teresa 1796 Essential Facts. ABV: 40% 48.99. Four levels of oak casks are employed to control the solera aging of the rum. Santa Teresa's flagship release is a blend of rums ranging from 4 to 35 years. From fermentation through distillation, aging and blending, it all happens at the Hacienda. Plump juicy raisins, plums, redcurrants an a touch of raspberry. 1 L. View Details. Rum cabinet of Surfyguitar from United States with a Aficionado RumRanking that includes 56 rum ratings with an average rating of 7/10. To create the smooth, dry rum, a complex blend of light , heavy and pot still rums aged between 4 to 35 years in bourbon . One of my meals was not available and was refunded, which is ok, but I would prefer a substitute instead - we needed two meals and would not have paid delivery and seamless fees for just one meal. Santa Teresa 1796 is a bold, elegant, and Venezuelan single estate rum with blends up to 35 years. Cuanto Cobra Raymix, Created to honour the Venezuelan distillery's 200th anniversary, this masterful blend of rums is aged from four to 35 years in bourbon oak barrels. Award winning Venezuelan single-estate rum brand making bold choices for over 225 years to create extraordinary results. Everything used to make Santa Teresa 1796 from the sugar cane to the water is sourced from the brands estate and local farms in the valley. It can be bottled as is, aged, or even spiced. The Santa Teresa 1796 is a molasses-based rum produced mostly, but not entirely, from sugarcane grown at the Hacienda Santa Teresa. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum, 750mL at Amazon.com. Old Fashioned Traditional Dark, Plantation Rum Single Cask Barbados 12 Years Wild Cherry Finish, Pre Black Tot Day Original Royal Navy Rum, Privateer International Distillers Drawer New England Rum Bottled in Bond #31, Privateer International Distiller's Drawer The Queen's Share Rum Maggie's Cut 26, Privateer International Distillers Drawer When in Rum Overproof Rum, Privateer International Letter of Marque Sisters in Arms TWE Exclusive, Pusser's Navy Rum "Nelson's Blood" Aged 15 Years, R.L. As a result, theyve discovered the subtlety and complexity of super-premium dark rums like Santa Teresa 1796, which has a flavor palette more akin to scotch and whisky than the typical rum. Award winning Venezuelan single-estate rum brand making bold choices for over 225 years to create extraordinary results. SANTA TERESA RUM 1796 750mL. The Hacienda Santa Teresa is an independent, family-owned company. Brown rum distilled from molasses. If all ron was more like this, it perhaps wouldnt be looked down upon so much by rum enthusiasts. Size: 70cl. Santa Teresa 1796 Rum 70cl Rate this product. Prospect Lefferts Gardens Safety 2021, The spirit was introduced just after 2 OZ RYE OR COGNAC. This rum introduced in 1996 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the distillery. Review: Santa Teresa 1796. Sweet . The young rum is influenced by the older rum in the barrel into which it has been placed. 1 oz Brancamenta. The seat of the company is located at the Santa Teresa Estate, founded in 1796 by the Earl Martn Tovar Ponte, where it currently is an agroindustrial, touristic and . It is the first of Venezuela, with more than two hundred years of tradition of fabrication of aged rums. In the event this occurs, please contact customer service via email. Bacardi have listed information on a lot of their other rums and the lowest I can for an actual reading is 0.5 g/L. This round and firm-bodied rum is delicate with a complex and mellow flavor. I say in this case updated as they have kept a lot of the old presentation (blue and red cylinder, wax sealed bottle and general colour scheme). The 1796 has been aged in a solera system with rums aged between 8 and 12 years old going into bourbon barrels for a further year. Click & Collect (Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm) Free. 4.5 (30 Reviews) In Stock. Rhum. The culmination of five generations of rum-making expertise that pioneered a uniquely complex production process, employing the traditional Spanish Solera Method to produce a unique liquid. Santa Teresa is all about craftsmanship in every aspect. Type: Rum. Up for review today is the Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera from Venezuela. More from Rum. down-arrow. Substitute an Impossible burger patty for an additional charge. Esta competencia est dedicada a conseguir las ms destacadas marcas dentro de la categora y ante un panel de expertos, el ron venezolano sorprendi con su perfil suave y balanceado. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our, how to turn off daytime running lights 2020 nissan pathfinder, Columbia, Mo Country Club Membership Fees, spar aerospace limited development of the canadarm. Rum & Cachaca; Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera Rum (700ml) Store closed. All in all the nose is sweet yet complex with a very nice overall balance. Lime juice to taste. Santa Teresa 1796 is a molasses-based rum, with the hacienda bringing molasses in from nearby sugar mills. One of the secrets to this very special rum is the age-old 'Solera' method used for centuries by Spain's brandy and sherry producers. Great news: we just added 40 000+ whisky bottles! Santa Teresa 1796 is a bold and elegant rum created . It seems to be either 0.5 or 0. Interestingly Bacardi have also decided to publish nutritional information on their website which shows that Santa Teresa has some added sugar. The rum is bottled at 40% ABV and a 70cl bottle will set you back between 40-45. TikTok video from Cocktails_by_ex (@cocktails_by_ex): "GUAVA COLADA1.5 oz Santa Teresa 1796 (or favorite dark rum).75 oz lime juice.75 oz guava nectar or juice.75 oz Coco Lopez coconut cream". Rum 20-24 Years Old. The flavor is . Craft solera method, with blends up to 35 years, for a dry, smooth and balanced taste. (A narrow implement such as a bar spoon is best for this, but a chopstick works well as a substitute.) Santa Teresa 1796 is, in our opinion, an excellent sipper, but also works very well in cocktails such as the Santa Teresa Spicy Mango Daiquiri, which dont overpower the taste of the delicious rum . Sensuous bouquet . The rum is one of the growing number of Latin American rums produced via the Solera method. Santa Teresa 1796 Rum. Santa Teresa 1796; Ccteles; Herencia; Proyecto Alcatraz; Comprar; Disfruta de Santa Teresa Responsablemente Para informacin en Responsabilidad con el Alcohol visita disfruta-de-un-consumo-responsable.com . A slightly tart note at the end. However, I have never seen anything concrete beyond this claim. Founded in 1796 the hacienda's primary focus was processing sugar cane sourced from the Caribbean. The Spirits Business Rum & Cachaa Masters, anunci los ganadores de su edicin 2023, entre ellos y con medalla de oro: Santa Teresa 1796 en la categora Sper Premium. Red and white grapes, raspberries and some juicy plum move into a beautifully balanced array of dry red wine, tobacco and some smoke. The Vollmer family has been distilling sugar cane and bottling rum at the Hacienda ever since, improving its recipes and passing down tried and true techniques. Its not as sweet as the nose.